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Projects (e)


APPAREL Architecture presented its new furniture series APPARATUS Workshop during the 15th edition of souk @ sat.

appareil atelier 02 floe

FLOE Chair

Its unique look revisits the aesthetic of 50s furniture while steeping itself in a touch of modernity all its own. FLOE is thus available in three formats designed to suit the needs of different spaces: standard, lounge, and stool. A skilful balance between steel’s rigidity and wood’s suppleness defines the chair’s shape. Its stability is ensured by square steel stems that contrast with fitted plywood that seems to float above the structure. The arrangement of these elements projects a character that is sculptural while simultaneously giving an impression of lightness.
Standard: 17'' x 22'' x 33''
Lounge: 26'' x 23'' x 27''
Haute: 18'' x 21'' x 38''
Materials: Steel/Curved ash veneer
Colours: Black or cream/natural wood

appareil atelier 03 heta

appareil atelier 04 heta 

HETA Table

The Heta table is distinguished itself by the balance of its straight lines and its trays with rounded surfaces. Offering an elegant alternative to the classic coffee table, its unusual structure gives it a unique aesthetic while ensuring great stability. The detail of its construction also allows to be easily transported from one room to another.
Dimensions: 19” x 19” x 19”
Material: Steel/Ash veneer
Colours: Black or cream/natural wood

appareil atelier 05 doli 

DOLI Hooks

These hooks offer a playful touch with their geometric shapes and distinctive assemblage details. While functional, their unique aesthetic allows a multitude of configurations to decorate the walls.
Dimensions: 6”x 3”, Ø 3”
Material: wood
Colours: Black or cream

Fotos: Allstudio

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Fotos: Hackl Hofmann Landschaftsarchitekten


Models begrüßen die Besucher der Designers‘ Open. Foto: Tom Schulze


Der Schinkelplatz wurde 1837 von Peter Joseph Lenné entworfen und ist nach dem preußischen Baumeister Karl Friedrich Schinkel benannt. Foto: Marcus Ebener


Regionaltechniker Daniel Fecke


Licht und Akustik spielen harmonisch zusammen. Die akustisch wirksamen Pads von Rossoacoustic setzen mit Farbe und Design Akzente an der Decke und nehmen Einfluss auf die gesamte Raumwirkung. Foto: Nikolaus Grünwald, Gerlingen


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