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La Barque Residence by ACDF Architecture

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La Barque Residence in Saint-Donat-de-Montcalm, Canada, by ACDF Architecture

La Barque is a hyperactive family’s peaceful shelter. Located on the shores of Lake Ouareau in Saint-Donat, the house was inspired by the owners’ love for the northern landscapes. Under the curved ceiling of the house, reminiscent of a boat hull, its serene interior atmosphere captures the calm of the surrounding hills and provides the family with a place to catch its breath between two ski slopes or two waterski runs.

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The site’s characteristics strongly influenced the architectural concept. Nestled between a road and the lake, the house shelters itself from unwanted attention on the street side with its dislocated façade that extends into an exterior wall hiding a barbecue and a pizza oven. Lake side, it opens itself up to nature. From the main entrance, one can feel the landscape pouring into the house through the carefully planned openings.

La Barque Residence in Saint-Donat-de-Montcalm, Canada, by ACDF Architecture

La Barque might presents itself as a dark wood prism sitting on a mineral base but it hides a surprising softness. Inside, like a hand-carved object, a curved wood ceiling unfolds throughout the space. This simple yet strong design element is a reassuring presence to its residents.

la barque residence acdf architecture 05

Sunlight penetrates into the space through the raised portions of the ceiling at both ends of the residence and its aptly designed curves distribute it deep inside the house. The top level where the entrance is located hosts the kitchen, the dining room and two bedrooms while a family room, a sauna and the children’s rooms are located downstairs.

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La Barque Residence in Saint-Donat-de-Montcalm, Canada, by ACDF Architecture

From their elevated terrace under the rising curve of the roof, the residents can contemplate the calm surface of the lake. Cleverly built-in mosquito nets allow the family to appreciate nature all-year round.

La Barque is a peaceful haven that invites its occupants to slow down and rest. The grandiose yet comforting curve of the ceiling and the simple materials of the interior spaces create a place where the lake and the surrounding hills become more than a mere backdrop. La Barque grants its residents with a majestic roof under which they can comfortably experience nature in all its beauty.

La Barque Residence in Saint-Donat-de-Montcalm, Canada, by ACDF Architecture

La Barque Residence in Saint-Donat-de-Montcalm, Canada, by ACDF Architecture 

Project Data
Client: withheld
Location: St-Donat-de-Montcalm, QC
Project end date: 2018
Area: 2800 sq ft (260 m2)
Budget: withheld
Architects: ACDF Architecture,
Architectural team: Maxime-Alexis Frappier, Patrick Morand, Kassandra Bonneville, Yoanna Anastassova, Mireille Létourneau, Romilda Reda
Structural engineers: Latéral, Ingénieurs en structure Entrepreneur: Marion & Gauthier, Entrepreneurs général
Photographer: Adrien Williams

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Die PYD-ALU Topmodule werden direkt an der Unterkonstruktion der Decke befestigt. Die CD-Profile der Trockenbaudecke lassen sich damit ebenfalls zur Temperierung aktivieren. Bild: PYD-Thermosysteme, Bischofswiesen


Photographer: Raphaël Thibodeau

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Bildnachweis: KS-ORIGINAL GMBH


Im Wohnraummodell lassen sich durch vorgeplante Wandöffnungen oder -stellungen, Wohneinheiten zusammenlegen, trennen oder umnutzen. Foto: KS-ORIGINAL


Domäne Mehrgeschoss-Wohnung: Kalksandstein ist aufgrund optimaler bauphysikalischer Eigenschaften – Statik, Brandschutz, Schallschutz – prädestiniert für den Wohnungsbau. Mit modularen Systemen lassen sich Bauprojekte besonders schnell und ökonomisch realisieren. Bild: KS-ORIGINAL / Guido Erbring


Die ursprünglich mit Schiebetoren und nach dem Krieg mit Rolltoren versehene Fassade des in der Hauptgebäude-Achse stehenden Hangars wurde durch eine filigrane Glasfassade ausgetauscht. Die Gliederung orientiert sich an der Fassadenteilung durch die originären Tore. Foto: HG Esch

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Das schmale Reihenhaus in Ijburg grenzt sich bereits mit der Fassade aus weißem Betonumbau und Holz von den anderen Gebäuden Bildnachweis: Solarlux GmbH


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