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Design cut out of light: Villa in Austria

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For a major renovation of a 17th century villa in Austria, Buzzi & Buzzi, a leading Lombard company in the lighting sector, collaborates with the SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* design lab, an Italian architectural firm based in Dubai. Together, the creatives of the two companies designed a project that starts from light as the criterion that determines every project choice.

buzzi buzzi superfuturedesign 02

The building of about 2,000 sq m, built in the 17th century, stands out in a large park of 30,000 sq m; used as a monastery in the first half of the 17th century, it was transformed into a residence for different families from the following century. The renovation, preserving the exceptional historical imprint, has been able to combine avant-garde design with the centenary nature of the building, creating absolute balance.

buzzi buzzi superfuturedesign 03

The project has considered cutting-edge plant engineering choices, where the luminous accents by Buzzi & Buzzi draw ad hoc paths, skilfully calibrating the natural light intensity with the artificial one for a result suitable for the living space. The clean style and sinuous shapes of the luminaires embellish and enhance the project, structuring its volumes. Recessed, surface or suspended lamps: Buzzi & Buzzi displays the utmost in aesthetics, implemented according to the specific and peculiar needs of the clients.

buzzi buzzi superfuturedesign 04

The choice of the lighting design takes into account the scenic effects achievable thanks to lighting solutions with unique presence and design, such as recessed and fully concealed. An ovoid, Eggy is realised in AirCoral, an eco-active, anti-pollutant, antibacterial and photo-catalytic material, able to improve the quality of life of those who live in the spaces where it is installed.

buzzi buzzi superfuturedesign 05

buzzi buzzi superfuturedesign 06

The LED product emits a discreet, well distributed lighting in the bathroom area from the egg-shaped emission hole with the backward source and a 40° inclined beam. Buzzz, a hexagon with a sharp geometry and an asymmetrical 70° inclined beam, also in AirCoral, illuminates the hallways and the wide living areas in a full and enveloping way, giving intense but discreet lighting. Its particular shape is the element that distinguishes the ceiling, making light synonymous with home decor. Argia too, installed in the living area, has a special presence: by subtracting part of the wall, it creates a perfectly round light recess, leaving the light source in sight. Its soft, glare-free light is ideal for one of the busiest areas of the house.

buzzi buzzi superfuturedesign 07

Genius and Twin Genius, “genius” products starting from their shape, are placed on the ceiling. With a beam angle of 90°, the “single” and “double” light accents generate luminous cones with a sharp volume. Nefi, another recessed lamp with a pure and simple shape - that of a square - determines the balance of space; it’s equipped with a satin-finish glass for harmonious light diffusion.

Another recessed solution with a strong aesthetic impact is Lentil, a small oval that captures the attention: a walkway light with a wall-washer parabola that blurs the light, a convex emission hole and a 45° inclined beam that becomes a small protagonist of small spaces, like the stairs of the villa.

Contrasting the curvilinear aesthetic of Lentil are Blade and Ghost, luminous rectangles with a slim recessed effect in the lower levels of the walls. With a wall-washer parabola, they shape surfaces and rooms thanks to a diffuse, decorative but no less performing light.

buzzi buzzi superfuturedesign 08

Suspended lighting solutions for a unique interior design could not be missing. Zen, in its spectacular presence, is a highly efficient Air Coral 30W LED lamp that enhances the dining room with an only 26 mm light line with a suffused effect.

Funnel, another design detail for the contemporary looking villa, shines in its minimalist aesthetic. This light funnel, with an elegant and clean flair, enhances the dining with refined simplicity. Suspension installation is possible through an adjustable transparent silicone cable for a maximum length of 2 m, while the emitted beam spreads out at 24° for a full and direct beam.
A decorative element of the walls in the master rooms, Ellisse is installed centrally on the surface to create a well-distributed light throughout the area. Giving an indirect lighting effect, Ellisse harmoniously merges with the design thanks to a smooth Air Coral finish and a simple yet graceful appeal.

buzzi buzzi superfuturedesign 09

Valo, a stand-alone, is a luminous cube. Placed on the floor, it becomes a functional interior accessory, projecting the beam upwards. The 3000 K colour temperature gives a cosy touch to the room.

Finally, the X1 and Q1 projectors, compact but efficient, strictly characterized by a white finish like any other product chosen for the project, are installed bare to create lighting scenarios with the maximum discretion. Placed on beams, the ideal installation mode to accentuate the wooden elements of the structural trusses, the spotlights produce both direct and indirect lighting to enhance the ceiling structure, while the emitted beam is dimmable according to the desired output at the moment.

buzzi buzzi superfuturedesign 10

Rhino, similarly, is a versatile and functional product: a recessed structure with a spotlight that can be pulled out and swivelled about 360°. With power LED sources suitable for residential use, the projectors by Buzzi & Buzzi’s emit accurate and precise beams, forming a light pattern that makes the space liveable to the maximum.

buzzi buzzi superfuturedesign 11

The multiple proposals by Buzzi & Buzzi are perfectly integrated into the project, developing the perfect synergy between the preservation of space with historical value and its enhancement through refined systems. The exclusive materials, cutting-edge details and classy aesthetic, together, mark and give life to unedited lighting concepts, created ad hoc to highlight the building’s history respectfully, without overlooking innovation. Famous in the lighting sector for many years, Buzzi & Buzzi brings light everywhere.


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